FinOps Connect 
is Finally Here

The FinOps Foundation (aka F2) has recently made changes to their bylaws and their [designations] are only: non-members and members.


With the new rules many currently fall into the non-members category, and subsequently have been removed from F2's Slack channel.

Note: You can follow this link to the Discourse Discussion on the changes at F2 in regards to slack access.


The FinOps Foundation is very clear in their focus of "... advancing people who practice the discipline of cloud financial management", and their Mission: "To advance the people who manage the value of cloud."


As FinOps enthusiasts, practitioners, professionals, vendors, & consultants, our collective passion for FinOps and the FinOps community hasn't changed, But merely the ability to collaborate and communicate within a certain segment of the community, due to these changes.


The FinOps Foundation, the people, the content, the events, and the efforts that they tirelessly put in, continue to be the catalyst for FinOps (and the entire FinOps community) to keep getting better every day...but they have their rules.


Influenced, in part, by these changes as well as posts on social media sites like LI, some new F2 Non-Afilliated collaboration methods have been launched for community interaction:


New Slack Channel

Discourse Discussions -

FinOps LinkedIn Group -FinOpsConnect


The Disourse Discussion site is public, but to post or respond, you can sign up for access there, or feel free to send an email to If you hold a FinOps certified designation (e.g. FOCP, Pro, Vendor, Trainer, etc.), please send an email so that you may have your account designated, and access to some additional channels


Additionally, we encourage you to join the FinOps Connect Slack Channel regardless if you were disconnected or not, as this will be an additional source of information and FinOps Community connectoins.


If you havent' received and invite, send an email to and an invite will be sent out.